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In The Mirror I See…

In the mirror i see nothing but a girl starring at her own reflection, analysing her imperfection and counting her curse instead of he blessings. You see, life has never being easy for her and as much as she tries so hard being strong and look perfect, she’s human and she is broken. So in the mirror she sees nothing but a broken soul.

A broken soul with a huge imagination, but afraid of reality. An imagination so rich that reality can’t subtain. All day and night, she spends all her time doing nothing but imagine, imaging the better days of life, the loving days of people and the humbling life of nature. For she is here to not serve her purpose but to change the world and make it a better place.

Although I’m the one gazing at the mirror, it feels like it is looking back at me. I guess i see a dreamer who can’t make things happen. All my life I’ve been working so hard, everyday and every minute I get to be bigger than I am. My dreams are so real but very hard to reach I dream about me being bigger than I am, smarter than I was, stronger than I could and very successful than I’ve never been.

Yes I am a dreamer. I could’ve been any thing but I’m a dreamer. I call myself a dreamer because even though the version I have could be real, it’s just so hard bringing dreams to reality. I fail to succeed but I always succeed in putting my dreams on paper, make them goals and aiming to succeed but always fail. The only thing I see in the mirror is not a girl with a version but a girl with a mission and she’s a dreamer.

I looked down on myself as I’m starring at the mirror, I see a girl who always fail. She fails at everything, not because she is lazy or never tries but because things never work out for her. She fails because she was blessed with beauty so innocent and bad lucks. I stared at the mirror as a tear rolled down I can see that i was born to be in pain and to never give up, but as I wipe my tears in the mirror i see….

I see nothing but a broken mirror.

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