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Maths What’s The Matter??

I appreciate the fact that you came to me for help,
But how can I solve x if I don’t know what happened to it?
How can I chase f(×)’ if it keeps sliding through the graph?
You say count but you add letters
What’s the cos of Thitre if there is no angle?
How do you expect me to know the value of x when it’s your x??
You seek y but it’s just a question
In a world of geometric sequence, I’m like a missing term of the quadric sequence of your problem.
Without rational roots for all rational values
I have become a gradient of my own tangent
Reflection in my problem-axis
Depreciating in my own range
The probability of me outstanding is high
That at the end I realised that I am the x that you are trying to solve.
That’s why Mathematics rhymes with Problematic😓

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