Why Men Are Trash

I couldn’t understand why they said Men Are Trash. So I asked around and they told me that men are trash because they cheat. So if men cheat and they are called trash, then what do you call a women who cheats?? They said A bitch.

If a women is called a bitch which means a famele dog, then why ain’t men called dogs instead of trash?? They sincerely said because they are full of shot and dogs ain’t. I am really confused.

Why would they say man are full of shit?? Why do women complain about trash n men never complain about bitches?? Took me a while to understand. Infact I went to the bush and had to get my self some trash.

Now I understand the team trash, it means a lot of baggage. And when they say shiit, his fucked up. Trash doesn’t mean cheating. But a men who is unsastify, a men who makes you feel worthless and vulnerable.

If he makes you feel like running away or hiding yourself. Thought you love him. So you can’t even take a step away from him. His all wrong. Trash is a men who loves you wrong but he feels right.

Although they are trash, they always make you happy unexpectedly❤

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