Come Home To Bunny

I lay awake in darkness. Drowning in my own tears because I have waited for days to talk to you. And when I try to talk to you, you push me away with an argument. Therefore my heart breaks in confusion, what happened to loving me??

I cried and cried in my room. For I longed your knock to come check on me. I longed your presence to let me do your hair. I longed your touch to cuddle me. I longed for your heart that cared for me. For you loved me in truth once upon a time and I adore the man in you.

The sensation of your existance still surround me. Though It’s fading away as I shed a tear of no love. I love you, and no matter how hard I try I can’t get him out of my mind. You are a part of me now. But I know I’m not good enough, for you have left and never at least look back.

Not saying I love you when you left was suppose to be a sign but then I believed you didn’t say because you will come back to say it. I was wrong, and I let go. June you busted. You took away the only man I thought loved me. He went home and never came back…

Though I shall wait til infinity, for his the one for me. I love him more than I love me. TeeBae, please come home.


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