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Dear Anyone Who Cares

If you reading this, it’s probably too late but I am gone. Gone to another world with the hopes of being better than this one.

I could have stayed but the baggage of this world were weighing too heavy on me. I felt like I was suffocating in the middle of the road but no one seems to notice that I was dying. I was torn and heart broken, I don’t know if it was my purpose to face pain each and every day. Well, I couldn’t hold on to my Faith cause it had let me down more than I could imagine but just like everybody else.

Tomorrow was like the only friend I looked up too, though it brought nothing but more pain and misery in my life. Each day was a new beginning but a continuation of hurt in my soul as for each second felt like another sword or knife being forst in my skin. In every minute of everyday I decide to breath I only faced blood and heartache. Sickness came like death, I felt dead while breathing. I felt abandon around people including my loved ones.

I am A Walking Dead, hopelessly looking for another life to live. Although I can take the pain any day since I’m used to it but honestly what’s life without love? Without someone to be there and care. To hold me in the evilest darkest night? What’s a life when you all alone. Loving yourself ain’t easy, being there for me ain’t cheap. Holding myself ain’t possible at all.

So i took a moment to plan and reflect on life and what life it is for me. To be honest, life ain’t for everyone and sadly it ain’t for me too. I have a lot of people who don’t like me, family hates me and success is unreachable for me. And everything that I touch turn into grey as love is a foreigner to me.

Therefore I believe i did everyone a favour to eliminate my self and spare my life. I no longer wish to live and beside I was long dead anyway as no one cares. Goodbye, farewell. I know no one will miss me but I don’t blame you cause my existance was invisible to the world. I shall not forgot the misery and hurt of this world but I hope the other world is where I belong.

To every one I needed but couldn’t like me know that all I wanted was to love and be loved. Harmless. Happiness and joy of having someone there.

-As you read this last piece, I swear the light looks so amazing and even if you try to stop me now, sorry I didn’t know you cared but I’m long gone. The universe is real with love in it and death is just your consciousness.

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