Dear Wayne

I know you taught me to stay away from any man i love, instead i should associate myself with those I don’t love but learn to love them. Cause love is like a seed that grows slowly every time you water it.

Your lesson was very useful and it kept me save all these years. But I’m afraid I have let you down this time, Wayne, I’m in love and I can’t escape the feeling nor the person. Well I tried staying away from him and he has tried staying away from me many times but nature or should I say fate always brings us together.

Like today, he came. Just showed up from no where and he was a bit high. He said he liked my top-dress that I was wearing. He tried to pull it down but his hands touch my curves with so much lust. I tried so hard to be strong as he touch my ass, grabbing it softly while mumbling something about me being sexy…

I turned to continue with what I was doing. I felt him slowly cuddling me from the back with so much desire. I felt his hand slowly going down to my vagina as he kissed my neck with so much passion. My heart started beating fast feeling so hot and my blood running in every vain.

I let him him squeeze and play with my vagina without removing my clothes while kissing me. I was lost for second, lost in his arms, his warmth and i realise he has found me cause the only thing I could feel was his heart beating to the rhythm of my own heart beat.

So I let loose, allowing him to take control and rock my body right. I let everything go, negative thoughts of what if he hurt me or leave me. I told myself it is the cookie He wants, I’m ready to give it up cause his body was boiling hot turning me on.

It seems like somehow He knew my spot cause no body has ever turned me on but him. As I felt my panty getting ready dumpy, I layed my head in his chest while his was grabbing me like I was going to run away from him. He felt me too much til I open my eyes….

I realised how much i love him, I never loved anybody like this Wayne, but I also realise how much he lust me. Maybe he stayed away because he knew I loved him and he didn’t want to hurt me cause I know he cares so much about me. But then again I also lust him...



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