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You’ve Got YOU!

Life is a journey. A long one. It is not short because you have your whole life to live, I don’t know if that make sense but what I’m trying to say is…you have the freedom and period to be yourself and do what you want. The road ain’t easy but you allowed to make mistakes and learn from them.

I for one am an example of this trashy world, yep it’s trashy but beautiful. I’m still young but I have witness the worst days of my life and tasted the candy of life. I have walked the thin line of the earth and overcome the stormy weather in this planet. I’ve been through it all and I’m still going through it.

I have failed my whole entire life that I have lived and during that period of time i have learned that passion is real. Passion is strong and very encouraging. It allowed me to take pride in my dreams and never give up. It shows me the version of my future every time I set a goal. Although I don’t achieve any of the goals, they give me a purpose to wake up early in the morning and try again.

Passion can not be destroyed unlike dreams. Dreams, dreams ain’t real but they’re like fear, they only exist when you visualise them. So don’t be afraid to dream big. Let your dreams fear you cause in that way they might come true. Let them scare you to the point where making them a reality becomes a priority to you.

I’ve walked the walk of shame for a while to the point that I’ve let people take control of who I was. They told me I wasn’t good enough and I believe them. They showed me the ugly side of me that I could never in a million time believe it was there. They made me feel unwanted and hated, felt like I didn’t belong here. And til this day I still believe i don’t belong here but deep down I know I’m here for a purpose and I’m going to serve it.

I’m prepared to show the world that just because I don’t belong here doesn’t mean I’m not suppose to be here. Now I have learned that it’s important to take responsibility for your life. It’s your life, nobody can live it for you. Do what you want, go crazy nobody cares as long as it makes you happy. Be happy with yourself and what you do.

Don’t try to be perfect. That word itself isn’t perfect. I mean just by looking at your reflection your imperfection is perfect as long as there is no human like you. You are a treasure. Rare. Even when you feel unattractive, just know that wherever you go they will still look, admire and hate. Nobody hates an ugly thing but uniqueness.

What I’m trying to potrait in this article is that YOU ARE UNIQUE. Being unique is being yourself. So everytime you get lonely and need someone, hurry to the mirror and observe the reflection…and there you go. That’s the only person you got. You ain’t alone when you got yourself. You have You and that’s all it matters.

Reality is people let you down but you won’t. Everyone will try and change you, they will try to control you and everyone eventually will leave you breathless or heartless because letting someone in always leads to a disappointment. Although not everyone will hurt you but eventually they will leave you heartbroken.

When you got yourself, you safe and can take on the world. Make things happen with your unbroken heart. Be there for yourself. Love and encourage yourself. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it a hundred times if I have to, that the THE REAL LOVE AND TRUE LOVE IS ONLY THE LOVE FOR YOURSELF.

You have your passion that will keep you alive and going, you have your dreams that will motivate you and keep you glowing but most importantly you got yourself to love and make you happy. And that’s life worth living. So keep breathing you not alone….

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