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Dear Love

I was with the moon today😊

It was happy and I was okay.

So i asked, Why you so happy today??

The moon looked at me with so much joy and Glow, I am fulfilled my dear.

I smiled, the moon was inlove. The moon has found it’s better half….so I smiled.

Well, I tried to hide the pain away from the moon but trust me the moon can see through your soul.
That’s when it asked me, DEAR, Why do you seek love??

I lied, I seek no love but boyfriend. I never had a boyfriend.

Again the moon ask, Why do you seek love??

I failed to love myself, I failed to love my soul and I have no respect for my heart cause I always love those who don’t love me…

I looked down in tears, but when I looked back up to the moon….it was gone.

…hiding in the clouds like everybody else and thats when it hits me…

Everything always leave me.😏



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