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A Day With Nasty C

Breathing out the exhaustion as i bend down holding my knees after chasing my friend, which I’m suppose to look after but she keeps running away from me, playing hide and seek around the mall. So i got up, inhaling laziness as i gasp.

Trying to keep a look out, slowly walking backward. And because i was busy searching for my friend i didn’t check where I’m stepping since i was walking backward. So as i was moving, i bump into someone, my ass hit his dick even though i felt like he was tall.

I turned slowly and looked at his legs to his face…i don’t believe what I’m seeing, it’s a celeb. I am standing infront of Nasty C. He was busy with his iPhone, no wonder he didn’t see me i thought.

“Um…” i struggled when i noticed him skrinking his face with a smile. I tried to smile back but i was too terrified. My friend ran passed us and i remembered i have a human to look after, “Um, hey, I’m so soorry.” I cried trying to run but kept my cool when i heard him say,”…it’s cool, no prob, matter-of-fact I’m sorry. Can i buy you lunch cause I’m hungry and could use a company?!.”

“Um, i don’t know, I’m with my friend.” “It’s fine, she can join us.” He said.

We walked around the mall for a while, honestly we were looking for my friend. And as we walked we talked and talked. I must say he ain’t bad at all, i can’t believe his actually a cool person and i really like his personality. We talked about everything like anything.

We got to McDonald, i don’t really like McD’s but i enjoyed being there with him. Talking and eating good food. I felt like I’ve known him all my life. He is really cool infact great human being. He listened when i talked, and he said i had an amazing smile. He made me laugh and i made him laugh a lot all the time. He has a nice laugh.

As we chilling in McD’s, my friend came and took the food in front of me and moved me from the seat, so i went to sit next to Nasty C. He laughed and winked at me then we watched her eat like crazy. “Supp with yur friend? Is she that hungry?” He asked. “No,she’s mentally ill.” “Like mentally crazy??” He laughed but i didn’t instead i looked at my friend with sadness.

“Oh you serious? Fuck my bad, im sorry. No wonder you been chasing her, i though it was some type-a game.” ” Nah, but she’ll be fine some how,” i forgot to smile,”Yeah.” I looked away cause the moment was a bit awkward, then all of a sudden i felt a hand on my back, slowly moving down my butt. It was almost like poking with an open hand and feeling my whole butt.

I looked at the hand then look at the owner, i couldn’t believe it. Nasty C was grabbing my butt, “What’s up?” I asked, “Check out your friend,” ” why you touching my butt like that?” “Oh sorry, just tryna get your attention” his hand was still on my butt, felt good though and very warm. So i let him hold it, and even tried getting closer to him so he can hold it nicely.

Trying to enjoy his warm touch i accidentally woke up, FUCK,WHAAAT! NOO IT WAS JUST A DREAM?!!!๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ. I closed my eyes and tried sleeping again hoping I’d redream it but i couldn’t, instead it kept refreshing him holding my butt just like a scratched cd viewing one thing.

Fuck it was really just a dream.

I felt so sad as i open my eyes wanting to cry. I wish it could have happened for real, the experience was amazing. Getting to know was worth the dream time. A tear dropped as i realise it was really really just a dream and there is no way i would spend a day with him cause I’m no body. But I’ll just hope one day it’ll come true and be much better…

FEBRUARY 13,2018.

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