It’s Over

She stood beside him in confusion. Not knowing what to say or do. Scratch her hair or hold her hand. Hold his hands or lay in his shoulder. Tell him how she feels or let it be….complication of love killes a heart that loves with passion.

He swallowed his saliva loudly with ignorance trying to annoy her as she moved in front of him shyly. He glanced at her, she held his shirt for comfort.

I love you Gucci




So? You?

Me what?

Do you love me??

Why ask when you know the answer?

Maybe cause I’m not sure about how you feel Gucci! You act like you don’t love me but you expect me to observe love from yuh…

Okay. Listen b. I gotta go. I need to rush got staff to do.


She let go of his shirt angrily. They were together for 10 minutes and now he wants to go. They were not done talking but his leaving.

They walked together quietly. She had alot to say to him. Like how she missed him. Missed his touch and lips. They said goodbye in a cold manner. No hug nor kiss. He rushed to avoid complains.

She stood there watching him jog away. A tear rolled down her left eye to her chin while trying so hard not to cry, she wiped it slowly with a thought of him not loving her. The boy did everything to show her that he doesn’t care at all.

And because she loved him so much, holding on was all she can do to keep him in her life but she knew that letting go was the best decision. She knew from watching him go that it was over. They were done. The relationship was nothing but a sinking ship with broken heart.

But then again she just wanted to be loved and has she walked home breathing out every Gucci in her system, she though, ‘All I wanted was to love and be loved but now I know that love is loving someone who doesn’t love you.’

…but maybe it’s because she loved without knowing the meaning of love.

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