Desire for Example

Turn the lights off,’ said Example,’I don’t like watching a movie with the lights on. Please.’ She turned the lights off then set next to him. The light of the television was enough to brighten the room. It wasn’t dark at all even thought he had chosen a horror movie that set at night which she didn’t like.

‘Oh my Gosh, let’s watch another movie not this one.’ She cried as she blocked her eyes from seeing the scary action. ‘No.’ said Example with his focus on the movie. She sat back disappointed but with so much desire as she looked at him. He was really into the movie, all his concentration was glued to it and that turned her on…

She glanced at him wishing to rip his t-shirt off and reveal his tempting chest.The monster of burning desire inside her was driving her crazy. She couldn’t understand the feeling, it was almost like a drug addict craving for just one fix…Get yourself together, she said to herself seeing that Example was cool, confident and collected and she wondered if he was feeling the same pressure of desire, the unbearable heat that she was experiencing.

‘Damn did you see that??’ Cried Example as he turned to face her, he noticed that she was really not feeling the movie. Guilt caved in his stomach. As he slowly pulled her closer, ‘Why ain’t you watching?? You really scared?’ She nodded shyly. ‘Okay, turn the tv off,’ he suggested, his husky tone revealing his motives.

He gentle ran his fingers through her hair. She remained frozen, but her breathing accelerated. Her body was responding to his touch. Her breasts were ripe now, full and hard underneath her top. Her skin felt on fire, burning from his touch. She was so closed to him that she decided to place her hands on his waist, immediately awakening his manhood.

The electricity between them had become unbearable. She felt her mouth go dry and the rest of her turn moist instantly. Example dug his month into hers. The passionate kiss force his body to press against hers, her breast were crushed by his powerful chest. She peeped for a moment and saw that his eyes were closed while he continued to explore her month.

His hands gently moved down her legs and up her waist trying to unbutton her jean. She clung to him, unable to resist his strong presence. He slowly lowered her back and in the same movement lifted her up to lay on the bed. He had not let go of her mouth as he parted her legs. A rush of blood instantly caused her seed of pleasure to tick out of control.

She allowed him to take off her jean, tugging it up feverishly. One of his hands cupped her breasts, toying with them. Then Examples mouth cupped one of them, his tongue hot on her nipple causing her to utter soft cries of pleasure. His hand went down into her tiny pink panties. He groaned while she gasped as one of his curious finger slipped inside her, right into her most tender and sensitive area.

She wriggled helplessly but he didn’t take of his hand out of her panties. Pleasure and pain rolled in as his finger went up and down inside her. Example wanted all of her. She was full of fire and energy and she was ready to let him in. He was everything she had dreamed of.

He pushed her back to remove his t-shirt. She layed there helplessly allowing herself to rethink about the moment. But for the first time ever he was half-naked in front of her. The powerful chest, bulging muscles and broad shoulders she had longed to see were no disappointment. He took her in his arms and gave her the one fiery kiss after the other as he took off his trouser.

She gasped at his long legs and powerful thighs rub her soft legs. She felt her heart beating with fear of what he was going to do next. He hovered above her like some carnivore about to tear up his prey. ‘Relax,’ he kept repeating feeling the fear in her heart which made her shiver, as if the word was an entire language of love.

Her heart beating fast as she felt him take off his briefs. He checked to see if she was okay and only when he saw the fire in her eyes, Example gently opened her legs further before slowly entering her. She gasped for breath, she was so scared. She held his penis before entering her. ‘No relax’ he cried as he tried to remove her hand but sadly she already made her choice.

She pushed him aside, pulled a blankie to cover herself and lay dead beside him. He placed his hand to cuddle her, ‘what’s up??’ ‘You don’t have condoms and I don’t wanna end up pregnant at this age.’ She replied and in her surprise Example indeed didn’t have condoms. But that wasn’t the reason why she didn’t let him in…

She stopped him because she didn’t want to be attached. She didn’t want Example to leave her after tasting her cookie. She stopped him because she’s inexperienced so she didn’t want to be one of his bad sex chicks. She didn’t want to be played. Example meant alot to her than sex. She wanted to keep him forever.

And the main reason why she didn’t let him in is because SHE LOVED HIM SO MUCH…..

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