The mask

If i wasn’t a virgin…

If i wasn’t chased outta a party when i was 11 years old or if i got invited in any parties…mom wouldn’t have promised me a big 21st party. If mom didn’t expect me to be a virgin on my 21st party….maybe things would have been different. Maybe i wouldn’t have stayed a virgin until now.

If i wasn’t a virgin…i’ll probably have friends. Go to parties eveynight without being scared of anyone including my parents. Maybe i might have best friends. People I can count on or talk too.

If i wasn’t a virgin….i’ll have the best boyfriend ever. He would be romantic. And always make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world. He wouldn’t skip a month to check up on me.

If i wasn’t a virgin….i would make him happy. I would give him what he wants or need since he says everyman needs sex.

If i wasn’t a virgin…he would tell me everyday that he loves me not only when he begs for it. He’ll tell me how beautiful i am or how blessed he is to have me.

If i wasn’t a virgin… he wouldn’t cheat. I wouldn’t have to cry at night knowing his with another girl. Wishing he would post my pictures on his profile picture when he post another girl. Monogamy will be saved by sex.

If i wasn’t a virgin…he would need me. Care for me. Love me and be there for me. Cause all I want is to be loved by a man I love. But the man I love loves sex. Guess love is sex right.๐Ÿ˜

If i wasn’t a virgin…

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