Make Mistakes

It’s easy to make mistakes even though sometimes it’s hard to accept your mistakes and learn from them. But no matter what, mistakes are made to perfect our ways and they are made to give us second chances.

Mistakes are real and sooner or later we will understand their ability.❤

8 thoughts on “Make Mistakes

  1. Making mistakes is a fact of life and all part of life’s learning curve. As long as we learn by them and don’t repeat them, they can actually be quite positive.
    Welcome to pensitivity101. Thanks for the follow, hope you’re enjoying what you’re reading.

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  2. Yeah. Mistakes are easy to make. Easier still is shaking them off as a part of human nature. What’s really important though is taking responsibility of our actions. Owning that we made those mistakes. Yes, that is hard indeed. Hard enough that we try to rub those mistakes out with denial – a lousy effort, really, but works for a little while. Huh. It’s been a long time since I thought about it! …….aaannnddd now I am swimming in memories – mistakes I made. 😂😂

    Sweet, little thought. ❤❤

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